All files located in %temp% and %tmp% folders of the Controller, VuGen, and LoadGenerator machines can be safely removed after a script has been saved, the scenario run, and the results collated, analyzed, and saved.


The following are temporary files created by LoadRunner:


The Brr_xxxx folder contains raw data collected by the Controller during runtime. These data will be collated and copied to the result folder after the scenario completes and are safe to delete if collation completes.


The folder contains runtime information of the load test and is safe to delete.


The folder is another runtime information folder; it contains information about monitors and is safe to delete.


Res is the default result folder, you should move it to a different location for safe keeping. You can also specify the result folder by selecting Result -> Result Settings in the Controller.


Aes_log.txt, drv_log.txt, ResmonLog.txt, ResmonLogBrief.txt, and are all log files and are needed only for debugging purposes in case of a problem.


Noname*, vuac*, vxml*, and unq* are all script-related files and can be removed once the script has been saved.


JET1858.tmp is an MS Jet temp file used during the collation process. It is safe to delete once collation finishes.