Loadrunner Custom Code to select more check box values

Note: checkboxvalueRaw is the list of correlated values which is being listed in the check boxes. It has to be checked in random numberr and submitted.

int i, j;

char checkboxvalue_param[100],temp_param[60], temp1_param[60];




lr_output_message (“i is %d, j is %d”, i,j);


{        sprintf (checkboxvalueRaw_param, “{checkboxvalueRaw_%d}”, i);

lr_save_string(lr_eval_string(checkboxvalueRaw_param), “checkboxvalue_sel”);

strcpy(temp_param, temp1_param);

strcat(temp_param, lr_eval_string(“{checkboxvalue_sel}”));

if (i<j)


strcat(temp_param, “,”);


strcpy(temp1_param, temp_param);



while (i==j);

lr_save_string(lr_eval_string(temp_param), “checkboxvalue_sel”);

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