IP Spoofing in Loadrunner

IP Spoofing

It is a technique used for creating Internet Protocol (IP) packets with a forged source IP address, with the purpose of hiding the identity of the sender address.

IP Spoofing in Loadrunner

This technique is used in Loadrunner Agent machines, in order to make the Application server to think requests are coming from different machines. This purposely used in the Load Balancing Application servers which runs on the IP based distribution.

Procedures to configure the IP Spoofing in Loadrunner

Step 01: Get the required number of static IPs (based on number of vusers to be executed) from the Network Administrator, which should have the same ‘Default gateway’ of the LG machine.

Step 02: Follow the IP wizard in the LG machine and do the setup by adding the required number of Static IPs.

Step 03: After finishing the configuration setup, try pinging one of the static IP. It should not get ‘Timed Out’ error.

Step 04: Now we are ready to do the execution with Controller. While creating the scenario, enable the ‘IP Spoofing’ option in the LG machine.

This should work. If any issues, comment to reach me. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “IP Spoofing in Loadrunner

  1. Hi, what is the Max. number of IP addresses can be generated using this IP spoofing in loadrunner? Assuming that I have only one stati ip address. Please provide the solution

    1. If you have only 1 static ip, you can’t implement ip spoofing. Only if you have ‘n’number of IPs available in your network, you can implement ip spoofing. Also there is no limit for max number of IPs to be used.

    1. IP spoofing is required to simulate different unique IPs for each vuser. There is no necessity to use ip spoofing with 5 static ips. My suggestion, use 2 lg machines. 1 lg with 5 static ips for 5 vusers and another lg with its own ip simulating 195 vusers.

    1. Check with network team to see whether they have free ips in the same subnet where LG machine is available. If they have some free ips, get the list and configure in the IP spoofing wizard. If they don’t have any free IPs in that subnet, request them to move the machine to some other different subnet which has free IPs. For all these above conditions, we need the static IP for the LG machine. It’s all a little bit challenge, that’s it.

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